Tuesday, August 21, 2018

How Can an Egg Timer Improve Your Demos?

Folks, here’s a mini-contest – with potentially extremely useful results…!

Here’s the question:  How Can an Egg Timer Improve Your Demos?

[For those who are unfamiliar, an egg timer is an ancient artifact from the last century used to time how long to boil or simmer an egg – 2 minutes for soft-boiled, 4 minutes for poaching, 10 minutes for hard-boiled, etc.]

And the answer is:  use it to gently remind yourself to interact with your audience.  The Gong.io study (https://www.gong.io/blog/sales-demos/) found that the most successful demos enjoyed "speaker switches" an average of every 76 seconds (!).  

So, if you talk for 1 minute before you have a question or response from your audience, that's terrific!  2 minutes is probably OK; 3 minutes is getting overlong; 4 minutes or longer is trouble...  

Sadly, the average length of time for traditional demos is on the order of 4-8 minutes - and the only response to the vendor's question of "Any questions so far?" is typically, "Nope, we're good...", which is definitely NOT good!

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