Thursday, August 9, 2018

Presenting Illustrations (and Other Key Software Screens): What, How, and How Much…

Far too often we see vendors present software screens by simply showing them, standing back, and saying something like, “Isn’t that dashboard terrific?  A single pane of glass…”  This is not particularly effective….

Here, instead, is a structured approach to apply when describing key software screens (aka as Illustrations in Great Demo! methodology).  While pointing precisely, describe;

  1. What the audience is seeing:  Describe What the capability does;
  2. The business value:  Communicate How the customer can use the capability to address their specific business problems;
  3. The tangible gain (the Delta):  Share How Much gain/savings the capability enables, expressed in real numbers.

This simple process will (rather dramatically) improve your communication of the value of your offering.  Give it a try!

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