Friday, May 31, 2019

What Bugs You About Your Demo Environment?

What Bugs You About Your Demo Environment?

Old data?
Old alerts?
Fake names?
Things that don’t work?
Reports with no data?

Let us know…! 

[Hint – I’m drafting an article on this – so let me  know if you’d like to see anything addressed…]


Cliff Babbitt said...

Junk examples that don't make sense in a real world scenario bother me. Definitely old data (also missing or incomplete data). I also wonder about fake names -- what someone finds funny may be annoying or offensive to others? I'd love to hear your perspective on that.

Anonymous said...

demo roll back reliability.
demo customer/industry specific labels/names.

Demo system Environment label names that are familiar to the prospect:
Credit card co: PCI environment
Civilian gov: FedRAMP medium
DoD: Impact Level 6

Prospects take more interest when the demo has info specific (like name of the Environment their app runs in) to the problem they’re trying to solve.

In my case these changes can be made to the demo system. However, resetting the demo system isn’t reliably automated, yet. An incomplete demo reset means crash and burn on the next demo.