Sunday, May 5, 2019

Your Old Traditional Demo Talk-track – is Your Great Demo! Answer-track (For Peeling Back the Layers)

Great Demo! practitioners please consider the following idea:  A traditional demo talk-track generally includes most of the answers to questions you had heard 3 or more times before – that’s how those answers ended up getting included in the traditional demo talk-track in the first place, of course…!  And that makes that old talk-track a terrific source for your “Peel Back the Layers” pathways and answers to customer questions.

So here’s a recommendation:  Take your old traditional talk-track and analyze it.  Cut out all of the answers that you’ve collected over the years and save them (in your mind or document them if desired).  All of those answers will be ready to play back when your customer asks the appropriate questions.  And what is left of the old talk track, after all of those answers have been harvested, is likely a great candidate for one or more “Do It” pathways.  Wow – what a delight!

But wait, there’s more:  A great way to implement this is to actually record your old talk-track, using Zoom, GoToMeeting, WebEx or similar.  You can then play it back, pausing to slice out the “answer” segments as you go.  This works really well…!

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