Sunday, December 1, 2019

Friday Demo Review – Make It a Habit

Every Friday, write down three questions you heard in demos during the past week.  Prepare answers, in terms of:

  1. Verbiage – what you should say in response.
  2. Demo pathway (if needed) – what to show in response.
  3. Demo environment – make sure the demo data is complete, realistic, and compelling.

For those who are Great Demo! practitioners, this is a terrific way to prepare for Peeling Back the Layers segments.  Consider recording your verbal answers and demo pathways, both to enable self-review and to share with others.

Note:  If you are part of a team and everyone does this – and you share these answers in a structured way – you’ll have a fabulous (and likely rather complete) set of answers in a few weeks’ time!  Contemplate using a tool like Refract ( to manage and provide searchable access to the combined library of answers, on a product-by-product basis.

Another note:  This process will enable a delightful level of consistency in your team’s demos, as well!

Yet another note:  This process will also enable more rapid demo onboarding for new folks…!

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