Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Optimizing Screen Resolution for Recorded Demos and Remote Demos

A few years ago there was no question that the most common screen resolution on target customer computers was 1024x768. As the table below shows, this is changing…

1280x800 36.88%
1024x768 24.69%
1440x900 20.12%
1280x1024 16.99%
1680x1050 1.33%

The common denominator is still 1024x768, if you want to embrace the largest proportion of target viewers, but 75% of audience computers now have higher resolution.


Michael Kuhl said...

Peter can you provide a link to the source?

Peter E. Cohan said...

Hi Michael,

The source is our website (www.Secondderivative.com). I track screen resolution of those who browse the site for exactly this purpose!

- Peter

Steve said...

I looked at 2ndderivative and could not find this information. Can you provide an actual link to it, please?

Peter E. Cohan said...

Hi Steve,

The resolution (and related) information is provided as part of my website-hosting service tools - sorry, they are not exposed to the general public but are limited to each website owner...

Anonymous said...


I understand this but in a demonstration environment this is dictaed by the clarity and resolution of the projector. Too small and the prospects wont see it from the back oif the room. therefore 1024X768 is still I fin the best for demonstrations