Friday, November 6, 2009

Manager “Chaperone” for Demo Prep Calls

Here’s a terrific implementation tactic, suggested by a Great Demo! Workshop manager: Join pre-demo discussions (via phone, for example) between sales people and their presales counterparts as a “chaperone”. The idea is to both facilitate the conversation between the sales and presales participants, and to guide the discussion as necessary or appropriate.

Additionally, this approach can help identify those sales people who need more “encouragement” to gather discovery and qualification information that might be needed before a delivering a demo. Similarly, this tactic helps to train presales people to ask the right questions to get the information they need to prepare credible demos. Terrific idea!

Additional thoughts or comments on this are welcomed…

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Anonymous said...

As a pre-sales manager, I can tell you that this is absolutely essential. You will often find out, for example, that this discussion is not happening, which is very alarming. Equally alarming is that you'll find out that the demo was offered simply because the sales person offered it as what seemed like a logical next step, and not due to any specific discovery or qualification.

I often ask, "what's the goal of this demo." The answer is often, "to move the deal along." Not very helpful.