Monday, August 10, 2015

Results of Survey: What Percent of Your Team/Teammates Do a Good Job Doing Discovery?

Here are the results of survey (previous post - of Monday August 10):

1. What percent of your team or teammates do a good job doing discovery, in your opinion? 

Results?  Averaging around 16%, ranging from 10-20%.  This suggests some SERIOUS challenges...!

2. What percent think they do a good job doing discovery, but don’t really? 

Results?  Averaging around 60%, ranging from 30-80%.  This seems even more serious...!

3. What percent of Discovery information gets adequately communicated within the sales team? 

Results?  Averaging around 23%, ranging from 10-50%.  This is just sad...

4. What percent of Discovery information ends up in your CRM system or other shared location? 

Results?  Averaging around 32%, ranging from 10-80%.  Not surprising, based on the above...

5. In what percent of sales opportunities was sufficient Discovery information collected? Average is 15% 

Results?  Averaging around 47%, ranging from 25-80%.  It looks like there may be varying definitions of  "sufficient"...

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