Monday, August 3, 2015

What Percent of Your Team/Teammates Do A Good Job Doing Discovery?

Please respond to this Informal survey – I’m very curious to see the results (and I expect you might be as well):

1.  What percent of your team or teammates do a good job doing discovery, in your opinion?

2.  What percent think they do a good job doing discovery, but don’t really?

3.  What percent of Discovery information gets adequately communicated within the sales team?

4.  What percent of Discovery information ends up in your CRM system or other shared location?

5.  In what percent of sales opportunities was sufficient Discovery information collected?

Please use this SurveyMonkey link ( to enter your responses - and it is only these 5 simple questions!  I’ll publish the results here shortly...  Thanks!

Update:  Here are the results so far (as of Wednesday August 5):

1.  Average is 15% (OK, there is clearly a problem here...)
2.  Average is 50% (perhaps an even bigger problem...!)
3.  Average is 30% (of what was collected...)
4.  Average is 45% (again, of what was collected...)
5.  Average is about 33% (pretty sad...!)

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