Monday, January 11, 2016

Beyond BANT - Great Discovery Questions

When doing Discovery, “BANT” is simply insufficient for non-transactional software sales cycles.  (BANT = Budget, Authority, Need(s), Timeline).  It can be a good starting point, but clearly more in-depth questions and discussion is needed with our customers.  Here are a few example questions to help stretch the discussion beyond BANT:

- Tell me about the culture here:  what is the team’s willingness/ability to change? 
- How does your company perceive itself – or want to be perceived:  as an Early Adopter, a Fast Follower, more of a Majority type, or a careful Late Adopter?
- When was the last time the team had a change of process or implemented new software?
- What happened with the past few new systems you purchased and installed?  How did those implementations go?

These few questions represent just a couple of areas to explore beyond BANT – any others you’d like to add to the list?  (It should be a long list…!)

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