Thursday, January 14, 2016

Great Demo! and Stunningly Awful Demos Articles – What Have You Missed?

In response to a number of requests, here’s a quick update on the articles published over the past year (plus a few months):

-          Stunningly Awful Demos:  Waaay Out of Alignment
-          Stunningly Awful Demo Phrases
-          Stunningly Awful On-Boarding Demos – The Trouble Begins
-          Stunningly Awful Sales Tactics – The Future-Sales Prevention Team
-          Stunningly Awful Demo Communication
-          Let’s Talk About Value
-          Stunningly Awful Sales Kickoff Demos

They are all available at  You are welcome to download the PDF versions and forward them on to others, as well!

The Great Demo! blog delivers these articles fresh off of the virtual press, along with a range of other tips, tools and ideas – you can find the blog at  

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