Sunday, January 7, 2018

AI and Demo Improvement

Last year, the fine folks at published a study in which they analyzed 67,439 recorded software demonstrations to uncover best practices (you can find the study here:  The study looked across a broad range of software offerings – which should raise the question in our minds, “Will our company’s software demos yield the same results – or are we significantly different?”

Great question!  With Gong’s tools (their “conversation analytics engine”), you can run the experiment(s) to see for yourself.  For example, compare well-executed traditional demos vs. well-executed Great Demos.  You can test whether adequate Discovery results in higher close rates and shorter sales cycles.  Do some AB testing of specific questions and ideas…

Fundamentally, Gong offers us the ability to move from “I think” to “I know – and we’ve got the data to prove it…!”

[Full Disclaimer:  I am NOT am employee of Gong nor affiliated in any way – I just love what they are doing…]

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