Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Great Demo! Public Workshops [Warning – Shameless Self Promotion Alert]

We’ve been getting requests to offer Great Demo! Public Workshops in a range of locations around the world.  Here is the current schedule:

  • March 28-29 in Chicago – click here for registration and related information.  This session is nearly full…
  • April 10-11 in Amsterdam – click here for ­­more information.  This session is also nearly full…!
  • May 15-16 in Silicon Valley – click here for more information.
  • April or May in the Northeast U.S. – Contact Art Fromm at AFromm@GreatDemo.com.
  • July 18-19 in Austin – Contact Julie Hansen at JHansen@GreatDemo.com
  • September 4-5 in Amsterdam – click here for more information.
  • October 2-3 in Silicon Valley – click here for more information.

Singapore is also a likely candidate location…

Public Workshops are excellent opportunities for individuals, small groups or for teams that have new hires. They are 1.5-Day or 1.75-Day Workshops, with the first day focusing largely on core Great Demo! material and the second ½ or ¾ day addressing more advanced topics and techniques. 

We are also contemplating offering Public (open enrollment) Masters Classes for Great Demo! Workshop graduates who wish to advance to a breathtakingly high level of practice.  Let us know if you are interested…!

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