Monday, March 4, 2019

Want to Save 10-20 Minutes – Frequently?

In spite of guidance to the contrary, many sales people still consume 10 or 20 minutes in demo meetings delivering (inflicting) a corporate overview.  Why? 

  • Partly because they feel it is their job to do these (it’s not);
  • Partly because they think the customer is really interested in a corporate overview (we’re not);
  • Partly because they haven’t learned their real role in demo meetings (see my article).

Well, here’s a novel solution:  record and post a current, clean and complete corporate overview presentation on your corporate website, delivered by one of your best corporate “talking heads”.  That way your company can:

  1. Ensure that the overview is done in a professional manner.
  2. Ensure that the message is consistently delivered.
  3. And most important, stop consuming that time in demo meetings…!

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