Tuesday, February 11, 2020

The "B" Key - The Single Most Useful Tool in PowerPoint

I’m often surprised at how few people (1) are aware of the “B” key in PowerPoint and (2) actually use it – the “B” key is, after all, the single most useful tool in PowerPoint!


Because it “blacks” the screen – focusing attention on the presenter.

In face-to-face meetings, when someone is presenting using PowerPoint, where does your eye typically go?  Most likely, you find yourself staring at the screen (no matter what’s on it!).  

When you are presenting, however, and you want to make an important point - or add drama to your presentation - use the "B" key.

In Slideshow mode the “B” key toggles between your presentation and a black (blank) screen.  Press it again to return to your slide show.

The "B" key directs attention to yourself.  This helps you make critical points, move to a whiteboard for an ad hoc drawing, tell a story, or otherwise break up the standard PowerPoint slide-after-slide-after-slide presentation!

For best effect, hit “B” on your keyboard, lower your voice and move towards the audience.  Delightful!

When presenting over the web, try using the "W" key - same effect, but the blank screen is white...

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